What is otitis and why it occurs.

Otitis is a fairly common condition in children and also in adults. But do you know what it is about and why it happens?

There are diseases that are better known than others. It is normal that you have heard about otitis more than once, especially if you have children at home, since it can be one of the most common ailments in them in their growing age. Therefore, it is important to know this disease well, what are its symptoms, its diagnosis and treatment so that we can react properly to it and we can alleviate a bit the pain of the person suffering it.

What is otitis?

Otitis is an infection in the ear that causes it to swell. It can be high, medium or low, although the average is more common, with each part of the ear being the focus of infection respectively. Otitis in the middle ear involves inflammation of the inner part of the ear closest to the eardrum.

This inflammation causes intense pain in the person who suffers it. Being infected is likely to expel pus from the middle ear to the outside of the ear, this being able to see it in the auditory pinna. Thus, in cases where the infection is already well advanced, the person suffering from this otitis media will not only feel a sharp pain in the ear, but also notice how pus pushes out.

Why does otitis occur?

The causes of otitis in the middle ear can be very diverse, although the most common are usually allergies or viruses that can affect you and cause this inflammation and infection. Thus, a virus or respiratory problem could cause otitis, as well as a respiratory allergy or the fact that for some external reason, such as when water enters the middle ear, it can swell and become infected producing otitis.

What are the symptoms of otitis?

The person who is suffering from this middle ear infection is likely to experience intense pain in the ear first. This will not affect your hearing, but it will be so intense that it will not allow you to develop your day to day normally. Also, if it is related to an allergy or a respiratory virus it is normal to have other symptoms such as chest pain when breathing, a lot of mucus, blocked nose, fever and even dizziness.

If the person notices any of these symptoms, he should contact the doctor as soon as possible. In the case of children it would perhaps be more difficult to explain what is happening to them, so we should be aware of their crying or the description of the symptoms if they already know how to speak.

What is the treatment for otitis?

Each case is different and only the doctor, after the exploration and diagnosis, will be able to determine which is the best medication for each person in particular.

Remember to always follow the instructions of your doctor and pharmacist and not take another medication or dose of those that they have recommended.

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